FGS have worked with us to improve our internal financial procedures,† helped us choose a new booking system and implemented accurate management information systems which helps our commercial decision making.

John Tabner MD
Mantax Radio Taxis

FGS makes sense of the numbers and uses our financial data to make invaluable recommendations that have a positive impact on our growth and profitability.  Moira is a superb sounding board and a complete pleasure to work with. I canít recommend her and the FGS team highly enough.

Zoe Sheppard
Hive Marketing Ltd

My experience with FGS has been very positive; I now receive my accounts more quickly and have better access to advice than I did before we moved to FGS

Alan Slater
Pathfinder Associates

I can heartily recommend Moira as a diligent and hardworking professional, who whilst having an eagle eye for the important detail can also see the bigger picture and relate that to her clients' ambitions. She is always a delight to deal with, and (a rare quality these days), always reliable.

Nick Cosby
The Acumen Investment Partnership

Why FGS?

Why FGS? Ľ Why FGS - small business Ľ Why FGS - large business Ľ

photo of zen sand garden We help businesses drive growth through good use of planning, processes, and people. At the heart of our work is a focus on obtaining sound financial data and using it effectively.

If youíre a manager in a business of any size, you'íll be faced daily with new financial and business challenges. Sometimes, it can be hard to find either the time or information that you need in order to be sure you are going in the right direction.

Our job to make sure that you have the systems and data in place to support your key decisions and minimise risk. Weíre objective, experienced, and will always keep you focused on the facts.

Our services include:

  • Optimising profits by re-thinking processes
    You donít necessarily need to improve sales to increase profits.

    We will review your processes and ensure that you are getting the best value from your people and the way they are organised. We will also help you to implement, manage and monitor ongoing business improvement systems. When change is needed, we will guide you and your people through the process to ensure a successful result.

    Our clients regularly report that our intervention makes a fast and direct impact on their bottom line.
  • Providing management information
    We provide regular and consistent management reporting that shows you where your business is and where it could be. Without a constant focus not only on the numbers but also on what they really mean, you canít plan or make reliable decisions.

    We present the facts and interpret them clearly, so that even those without particular financial expertise can use the information with confidence.
  • Developing accounting systems and staff
    Good financial decisions come from good financial data. We will advise on accounting systems and software, with a view to improving both the quality of data and also your ability to manipulate it.

    We will train and mentor your team so that they have the skills to support your business at the right level, and we will also ensure that your systems comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAPP).
  • Business planning
    We help you put plans in place at all levels.

    We know how hard it is to think strategically when you are buried in day-to-day detail. We will help you to think beyond your immediate priorities and to consider where you want your business to go, and how you might get there.

    That might be organic growth; growth by acquisition, or sale of the company at a certain point. Alternatively, you might be seeking external funding. Once we have clarified your top-level strategic plan, we then work with you to make it succeed. We do this by establishing a step-by-step approach to each element of the plan that clearly lays out how it will be accomplished. Itís our attention to operational detail that helps our clients succeed with their strategic plans when many businesses fail.

Why not test us with the basics and increase our remit as we prove we can deliver a tangible benefit?
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