FGS have worked with us to improve our internal financial procedures, helped us choose a new booking system and implemented accurate management information systems which helps our commercial decision making.

John Tabner MD
Mantax Radio Taxis

My experience with FGS has been very positive; I now receive my accounts more quickly and have better access to advice than I did before we moved to FGS

Alan Slater
Pathfinder Associates

I can heartily recommend Moira as a diligent and hardworking professional, who whilst having an eagle eye for the important detail can also see the bigger picture and relate that to her clients' ambitions. She is always a delight to deal with, and (a rare quality these days), always reliable.

Nick Cosby
The Acumen Investment Partnership

FGS makes sense of the numbers and uses our financial data to make invaluable recommendations that have a positive impact on our growth and profitability.  Moira is a superb sounding board and a complete pleasure to work with. I cant recommend her and the FGS team highly enough.

Zoe Sheppard
Hive Marketing Ltd

Tax Consultancy

photo of stones in a pool At FGS, our tax planning and consultancy service provides tailored tax planning solutions for each individual client. We help you retain your competitive edge by making sure you pay as little tax as possible.

Keeping track of the latest tax legislation to ensure your company thrives in the current business environment is a complex task. Its a key part of our role to keep on top of the rules and regulations so that our clients can be sure they always have the best advice.

Services include:

  • Tax consultancy company and personal
  • Minimising tax investigation risk
  • Maximising available allowances
  • Access to Tax and VAT specialists for expert opinions
  • International trading tax advice

For more information please call us on +44 (0)1625 869 712 or